Qatar says Arab nations acting in ‘disorganized manner’ amid crisis

Qatar says Arab nations acting in ‘disorganized manner’ amid crisis

Qatar says Arab nations acting in ‘disorganized manner’ amid crisis

Dubai: A high-ranking Qatari government said on Wednesday that the four Arab countries that isolate the small Gulf nation have acted dangerously and therefore “disorganized” that appear to have changed their claims.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain said on Tuesday that Qatar should participate in the six principles in the fight against terrorism and negotiate a plan to implement them.

The four countries were the first 13 applications of scanning, including the formwork of the Arab channel Al-Jazeera, Qatar rejected in violation of its sovereignty.

Sheikh Saif Al-Thani, Director of the Communication Office of the Government of Qatar, said the four countries have regularly issued contradictory statements.

He said that there had been no official communication made to Qatar directly or through the United States or Kuwait, which tried to mediate the crisis.

“These comments are another example of the dangerous and disorganized illegal blockade took,” said he was in an email response to the Associated Press’s problems.

“At first, there was no demand, but as a result of pressure mediators, countries quickly issued a list of requirements that are neither considered reasonable nor useful,” he added.

The seemingly new list of six demands includes commitments to fight against extremism and terrorism, impede the financing and housing of radical groups and stop all acts of provocation and speeches that incite hatred or violence.

Qatar refuses to sponsor or support terrorist groups and said the charges were politically motivated.

It is not on that list the specific demands of the 13 original points as the farm of Qatar area of ​​Al-Jazeera has hampered relations with Iran, expelled troops from Turkish members of NATO, which has a base Qatar expelled the Islamists and repair the damage caused by their alleged policies.

The four countries accuse Qatar of support groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and say that Qatar gave citizenship to Brotherhood members and other Islamists.

The foreign policy positions of the small Gulf countries are sometimes very uncomfortable in the policy of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East Emirates. Qatar has supported Islamist opposition groups throughout the region, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt as a threat.

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