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H1B visa applicants being diverted to O visa: US Senator

H1B visa applicants being diverted to O visa: US Senator

A senior US Senator said today that potential H-1B candidates are being asked to apply for a visa OR instead of H-1B cuckoo digital visas for highly skilled workers to circumvent legal restrictions on visa work.

While the H-1B visa is for foreign guest workers with highly skilled skills, the O visa program is intended for use by people with extraordinary abilities or balance demonstrated extraordinary success.

Unlike most other categories of visas, the O visa program has no numerical limit.

Citing media reports from India, Sen. Chuck Grassley, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said that the number of visas issued has tripled in the last decade.

The increase in numbers next to these reports raises concerns about the future integrity of two visa programs, said it was in a letter to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly.

“Visas for exceptional individuals do not replace the H-1B visa.Any attempt to circumvent the extraordinary visa program demands OR because a candidate can not obtain an H-1B visa is potentially a visa and damage fraud finally the two programs Of visa, “Grassley said.

“I raised my concerns to Secretary Kelly so he can prevent possible abuse and ensure the integrity of the O visa and H-1B remains intact,” he said in a statement.

In his letter to Kelly, Grassley said recent press reports suggest that some foreigners should consider seeking visas for O ’round on H-1B President, because the O category lacks a numerical ceiling and is “in large Free part of the restrictions. ”

“The content of these articles makes them fear that individuals could abuse the visa application process or fraudulently claiming titles that do not have to bypass legal restrictions on other work visas,” said the letter that was released to The press today.

The O visa, he said, is granted to foreign workers with extraordinary abilities in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics or a “proven balance extraordinary achievements” in “film and television.”

“Despite the rarity of these exceptional ratings, O visa emissions have tripled in the last decade, from just over 30,000 in 2006 to 000 to 100 in 2016. Taking into account the validity period up to three Nearly 300,000 visa beneficiaries or could work in the US right now, “Grassley said in his letter.

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